We Make Selling Your Car Easy

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Step By Step Guide

  1. One of our buyers will request pictures and information about your vehicle, including year, make, model, miles, honest condition, lien status / payoff, etc.
  2. We make you an offer and if you agree we move on to arrange pickup and payment.
  3. We meet you to pick up your vehicle, with a check for your equity after payoff.

Our Buyers

Andrew Montgomery – Purchasing Director

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(719) 867-5662

Adrian Sheriff – Purchasing Agent

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(719) 867-5662

Jason Pavia – Purchasing Agent

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(719) 867-5662

Travis Crawford – Purchasing Agent

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(719) 867-5662

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I have to come into the dealership?
    • Absolutely NOT! You decide when and where to meet and get paid on the spot!
  • What if my vehicle is leased?
    • We can still purchase your vehicle and will handle the payoff to your lender.
  • What if I owe more than you can offer me?
    • There are several options available to you even if you owe more than we can offer. Our Buyers will help you navigate those options.
  • What if I want to buy a car from The Faricy Boys as well?
    • While our Buyers specialize in purchasing your car, we have a whole team ready to assist you if you choose to purchase another vehicle.
  • Can I get my equity check before my lien holder/bank releases my title to you?
    • Yes! We will get you paid when we purchase your vehicle, even if we have not received your title from the lien holder/bank.

Are you looking for an easier way to sell your car? We all know that private sales can be more trouble than they are worth, and the corner used car lot doesn’t always make selling a car simple. The good news is that here at The Faricy Boys Automotive, we have a used car buying center staffed with friendly professionals dedicated to giving you a hassle-free experience. You can even sell your car to us without ever leaving your home! As a part of the Colorado community for over 80 years, we are committed to delivering honesty, integrity, and respect with every transaction, no matter whether you are buying or selling.


Many drivers dread the inconvenience of trying to sell their cars. No one wants to spend all day waiting in a dealership and haggling over the value of their car, and trying to set up a private sale is even more of a hassle. That is why The Faricy Boys Automotive has decided to reimagine the car-selling process. While you are more than welcome to visit our Salida location to sell your car, we also make it possible to sell it to us from the comfort of your home. Simply contact the team at our used car buying center, and we will visit you at your chosen location to take a look at your old vehicle. Whichever option you choose, we will handle all the necessary paperwork, including paying off any remaining loan balance on the vehicle.

One Stop

At our used car buying center, we handle everything in one convenient location. That means we will inspect your car and pay you for it on the same day. There are no delays because we know exactly how stressful it is to be left hanging, unsure when or even if you will be paid. Our team of experts will take care of the entire process as quickly as possible so you can get on with your life instead of sitting in our waiting room. However, you are more than welcome to take some time and browse our large selection of new and used vehicles. You don’t have to buy anything from us to get a fair value for your old car, but if you are looking to upgrade, we can combine the sale of your used car with the purchase of a new vehicle to save you more time and money.

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You want to know who you are working with when you sell your car, and we understand that. As a third-generation family-owned business, we want our customers to know they’re dealing with real people on the other side of the desk. We have been taking care of Colorado drivers since 1942, and our eight decades of experience help us provide a car-selling experience that you can rely on. Every member of our team is here to help you, not rush you through a transaction. If you have any questions, we want to ensure you have the answers you need before moving on to the next step of the process. We know that it is only through honesty and integrity that a business can last as long as we have, and we want to continue being a part of the Salida area for a long time to come.

Selling Your Car Can Be Easy

While selling a car is often considered something to put off as long as possible, when you work with the team here at The Faricy Boys Automotive, we turn those expectations upside down. Our used car buying center has developed a streamlined, stress-free process that will have you walking away with cash in hand faster than you might have thought possible. We will even come to you to pick up your car from your driveway so you never even have to leave your home. If there is anything we can do to make selling your car easier for you, just ask, and we will see what we can make happen. At The Faricy Boys Automotive, we always put our customers first. Just give us a call to get started today!